Internet Connection

Speed Test your connection

To use Windows remote desktop with a smooth experience you need an internet connection of at least 1.5Mbps. You may check your connection at or If your internet is not performing as it should, call your ISP to see if there is any maintenance or outages in your area.

Use a VPN (Last Resort)

There are many options available on the internet, we suggest that you use a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Choose a connection point between you and the server itself. This will then cause the connection to route you through the VPN with less latency.

Change Display and Experience settings

Step 1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection app

Open the Start Menu -> Type "mstsc" and open the remote desktop connection app.

Step 2. Expand the application with the dropdown on the bottom left

Click "Show Options"


Go to the Display tab and configure the color depth and/or resolution you'd like.

Lowest color depth being 15 bit with the highest being 32 bit. Depending on your screen resolution, you may configure the resolution of your server with lower options.


Go to the Experience tab on the Remote Desktop Connection app.

Here you will find options to configure depending on your connection speed and connection type. The lowest option (Modem) will require very little bandwidth while the highest option (LAN) will use up to 10Mbps.

If you are using remote desktop to connect to a machine that is far away from you, use the WAN option and configure the boxes under to your liking.

We have found that disabling the "Desktop background" and "Menu and window animation" options have reduced the latency of the server. Although, you may change to which connection type you'd like and select/deselect the option that would benefit you the most.