Here we will be demonstrating how to connect to a Windows based server/machine using another Windows machine.

Steps in the article below will be the same from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Opening Remote Desktop

Click on the Start Menu and type in "mstsc" or "mstsc.exe"
This is the application name for Remote Desktop in windows.

Connecting to the targeted server

You will then be prompted with the Remote Desktop application, from here you will type in the IP address of the target machine you want to connect to and then you hit Connect.

This may appear in many different forms, some examples:
- (Domain)
- (Hostname)
- (IP Address)

Login Information

You will now be shown the login screen to verify your login credentials, you will put the login of your target machine here, not to be mistaken with the login on your current machine then you click "OK."

SSL/TLS Certificate Error

Some remote connections require you to verify the certificate of the machine, some do not. If it asks you to verify, look over the certificate and make sure you're connecting to the right machine, and click "Yes."

You are now connected to the remote machine!