Here we will be showing how to connect to a Windows based server/machine using mac OS X.


You may follow the first step below to download via the app store or you may download the beta version by clicking here without going through the app store, note that this version will have a different color icon.

Open the App Store on your personal computer and search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10"

Opening App and Adding an RDP connection

After the download is finished, open the app via Search or your Applications tab in Finder.

Once the app is open click on the "+" symbol and then click "Add PC" to add your server.

Next step is to enter the IP into the computer name text box and then click "Add."

This may appear in many different forms, some examples:
- (Domain)
- (Domain)
- (IP Address)

Connecting to RDP

Open the server you have added in the previous step Example IP used:

Enter in your username and password once prompted.

Example Username: administrator
Example Password: HIDDEN

If prompted with a certificate error, just click continue to connect to the server.